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Business Directory

New Laundry CIC

Date Formed: May 2023

Camp Elite Club CIC

Date Formed: March 2023

Ethnic Minority Business Policy CIC

Date Formed May 2023

Black Excellence CIC (formerly Branding Buffet)

Date Formed: June 2022

Blackstar Academy CIC

Date Formed: Sept 2022

Black Business Network CIC

Date Formed: November 2022

Power Prayer Circle CIC

Date Formed: April 2023

Young, Gifted and Talented CIC

Date Formed: May 2022

As part of our service offer we support individuals and organisations with the formation of a CIC, this includes the development of objects, tailoring of Articles of Association and online submission of application to Companies House. We have developed a business directory for the businesses that we have supplied the service for, they are all developing services that are beneficial to the community. More information on each of them can be found below:

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